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Do you need a SMART sign that you can easily program with your SmartPhone? Call Robert for details for MADE in the USA digital bluetooth modular signs.

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American Made Modular Signs developed in Texas. Introducing a patented Modular Display and Controller designed by Robert Elliott. Our goal is to provide a local source Electronic Bluetooth Modular Signs, customer service and training with fair prices. We specialize in signs that the buyer can configure in a way that suits his needs or if preferred we can configure them for him. The signs can be stationary or scrolling and be configured vertically, horizontally or a combination of both. All signs can be controlled by an app that can be installed on your smart phone. The control can either be by text or speech to text from the app.

Contact Robert via email or call 682-225-7484 if you have an interest in pursuring this advertising advantage. Bluetooth Digital Signs

This video offers an introduction to Elliott Electronics Digital Signs. These signs are Made in the USA and are manipulated with your smartphone.
Click to to see a step by step phone application explanation.

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